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We are currently accepting applications for many of our online programs. The application process can vary, depending on the program and location.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Review the admission requirements for the Master of Engineering, Master of Science, Doctor of Engineering, and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs.
  2. Follow the application process outlined for the specific program and location you want to pursue (see below).
  3. If admitted, carefully review the admission information sent to you by our office. You are also responsible for reviewing the policies and procedures. (Doctoral | Masters)
  4. To accept admission, return the reply card and tuition deposit: $995 for all online doctoral and $495 for all masters programs. The tuition deposit cannot be waived and is non-refundable. It will be applied to your first semester’s tuition.

To expedite our review of your application for admission, order your official transcripts and prepare all other materials before submitting your application. Within 30 days of submitting the application, all supplemental application materials must be received by the admissions office. After that time, the file will be rejected as incomplete.

How to Apply

Click the links below for more instructions on how to apply for admission to your program of choice. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Applications are currently being accepted for the following Master of Science (M.S.)  and Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree programs. Click the corresponding link to learn more about the application process:


Click the corresponding link to learn more about the application process:

Admissions Policy

Admission to the Online Engineering graduate programs is granted on a competitive basis. Admission decisions are made holistically, whereby the faculty reviews each individual’s application file to assess the prospective student’s likelihood of success. Success is measured by the basic requirements for admission, as well as by such nonnumerical factors as academic background, work experience, letters of recommendation, challenges overcome, extracurricular involvement, special talents, writing ability and many other criteria, to determine the overall strength of the application.

Applicants whose grades or test scores fell below the numbers required for admission have gone on to succeed in our graduate programs, so we do not automatically deny admission based on quantifiable qualifications. At the same time, meeting minimum admission criteria doesn’t automatically result in admission. Application files are evaluated for how they stand out among the other applicants to the program, and for what the applicant can bring to the GW community. Thus, an application file that does not quite meet all the numerical admission requirements can be approved over one that does, and vice versa, because of the holistic admission process.

No more than two favorable admission decisions will be rendered for any one person, whether the application for readmission is submitted because an applicant does not enroll in the semester admitted, or a student interrupts continuous enrollment, or a student is placed repeatedly on financial hold preventing registration. Students denied admission may reapply; unless circumstances have changed considerably, denials of admission are generally upheld on reapplication.