Online Engineering Faculty Training

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Get Started

  • Get Started for Instructors (PDF)
  • Course Content Basics (PDF)
  • New Base Navigation (Video)
  • Control Panel Basics (PDF)
  • Make a Course Available (PDF)
  • View & Print Student Rosters (PDF)
  • Add Teaching Assistants (PDF)
  • Merge Course Rosters (PDF)
  • Create and Manage Groups (PDF)
  • Create Shortcut Links (PDF)
  • Add RPNow Shortcuts(Video)
  • Use SafeAssign (Video)

Course Materials

Communicate with Students

  • Communicate with your Students (PDF)
  • Post an Announcement (PDF)
  • Set up a Discussion Forum (PDF | Video)
  • Send an Email through Blackboard (PDF)


  • Create Assignments (PDF)
  • Create Tests (Video)
  • Exam Options in Blackboard (Video)


  • Grade Center Good Practices (PDF)
  • Download the Grade Center (PDF)



Final Grades

  • Enter Final Grades (PDF)


  • Webinar: Using Zoom in Blackboard (Video)
  • Set up Zoom in Blackboard (Video)
  • Schedule and Join Meeting (PDF)
  • Record A Video Presentation (PDF)
  • Creating and Using Polls (PDF)
  • Using Breakout Rooms (PDF)
  • Access Course Meeting Attendance and Poll Reports (PDF)
  • Access Course Meeting Cloud Recordings (PDF)

Technical Support

Faculty Support

Student Support