Goals of the Mentor Program

The primary goal of the program is to allow students enrolled in any of the Online Engineering Master’s Programs to engage informally with faculty who are executives or professionals of other types in their fields. Mentorship increases the confidence and career success of mentees. In an email forum, Mentors provide guidance, coaching, and perspective that enhance Mentees’ connections at GW. The purposes of the Mentor Program are:

  • Build sustainable mentor/mentee relationships that aid scholars in long-term academic and professional success in the field
  • Establish firm connections between students and faculty


Expectations of Mentors

Mentors support the development of graduate students in GW’s online engineering master’s programs. Their leadership, role modeling, and teaching help inspire students in their fields. Mentors collaborate with fellow Mentors to create the best learning experience for Mentees.

Expectations of Mentees

Mentees are encouraged to prioritize their professional development with guidance from a seasoned mentor. The mentorship program is designed to help Mentees enhance their competencies by posing questions of and/or sharing ideas with professionals in their fields through an informal, moderated email forum. Mentees are expected to keep questions general in the forum, moving to detailed, specific discussion one-on-one with a mentor if invited to do so. The program’s main goals are stated above. In addition, mentees can expect to:

  • Form relationships with mentors and peers
  • Improve understanding of core competency areas
  • Find opportunities for networking and collaborative learning

To request a mentor complete the questionnaire below.

Mentee Questionnaire